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Google Hangouts isn't just a cool video and audio chat app, it's also an excellent choice when it comes to sending regular text only messages.

Even though every i Pad comes equipped with i Message, that doesn't mean everyone you know has access to i Message, and since you can't send regular texts on an i Pad, you'll have to turn to other messaging apps in order to contact friends and family.

You can swipe/scroll down to this content to get comment section. If you would like to learn how to use Omegle on i OS devices, we recommend you to take a look at this guideline of How to Chat Online: Omegle Video For i Phone and Alternatives.

Also see: Does Omegle Video Chat Works on Mobile or Smartphones?

If you would like to suggest any other good application for i Pad devices as a good alternative of Omegle, please let us know with commenting this page.

You can also check our guide to enter Omegle video with i Pad devices.

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