Insan clown posse dating game

Fluttershy and Twilight on the couch, while Starlight chose the out-of-the-way chair, hoping to be far enough away as to hide her nervousness. The pegasus nodded and giggled as she got into a comfortable position.

With the greetings done, the three ponies sat down around the coffee table. ” He extended his arm across the table like rubber, placing another plate in front of Starlight.“Very good,” Fluttershy replied as she placed herself back on the couch, Twilight mouthing "thank you" to her as she landed.They all dug into the many appetizers that lay before them, chatting about their day or about the other Elements.Discord bragged on about something that happened in Canterlot, while Twilight discussed Starlight's studies. “I had told him you and I were getting together and he insisted on joining us.The worry in her tone only complimented the nervous shivers of her body.“But I’m willing to learn as much as I can.”“I’m glad both of you are here, then.

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