Humiliation video sex chat

Things like sissy humiliation are a particular favourite of most online Mistress webcam Dommes.

We adore making sub missive’s get all dressed up in frilly panties, puffy dresses, high heels and makeup and making them parade around, dance about and flash their knickers.

You Will Be Pleasantly Insulted Aroused By Erotic Humiliation?

Hosts on Im Live are all about taking and giving, let them touch on your pleasure points while you a follow instructions of your Humiliatrix.

Damn, these are hard times that we are living in these days.

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Ripping a guys manhood size to shreds, telling him how he could never satisfy a woman, how no female would ever entertain him with a dick like that and how he will always be a maggot dick virgin loser is a powerful turn on and watching them heave and sob and try desperately not to burst out crying is highly amusing.Add your special fetishist to your Favorites list and be notified when she is online and ready to speak dirty to you.Just so you know as an added service you can always record your Private sessions with the Host of your choice and take pictures, just so you can relive your fetish over and over and over again...In the past I have – Made them lick the toilet seat after using it without flushing – Drink their own urine – Wear puffy sissy dresses and stand outside – Stand at their bedroom window and wank – Eat dog food from a bowl – Spit in their hand and rub it all over their face – Forbid them from talking, only allowing them to squeak a rubber toy – Write degrading slogans on their bodies – Eat their own cum – Made them beg to orgasm My favourite online female domination session was with a weak, pathetic male who I call “Fido”.I call him this because I always make him crawl around on all fours and I never let him speak.

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