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After about 3 or 4 months I became project manager. I didn't have any field training during my medical studies so I wanted to combine theory with practice right there in the field.

At the time I had little experience with development aid.

Before leaving I skyped a lot with people who were there and asked mainly about security issues.

I knew South Sudan is an unstable country, but I wanted to give it a chance and see what it is like to work on the ground.

I learnt a few words but that is not enough when you are dealing with a problem on the spot.

I must admit that this experience completely changed my view on the amount of electricity we use every day.

Sometimes I met with expats from other organisations. Several times I wished I could speak the language of the Dink.For example, you cannot leave the compound after 7 pm.And if something dangerous was taking place in the area we couldn't leave even during the day.Michael Jackson is an humanitarian : he gave ALL HIS PROFITS from the Victory tour and the BAD Tour to charities; he basically worked for free, so he could heal the world.Michael Jackson wrote "We are the world" to raise money for Africa; it was the most popular and successful charity of the eighties.

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