How to chat up a granny excel screen updating false

Either way it’s okay, we understand, there’s plenty more subway workers in the sea. Straight to the point and no messing around with all that ‘manners and decency’ malarkey.Once the tension has been broken with this sly yet direct insinuation, I’m sure the ladies fall at your feet. Though in your defence, I don’t see why talking about Harry Potter wouldn’t instantly put any respectable girl into the mood.However, said first child made up his own mind and, once he could talk, decided I was Grana – so that's it.Although I'm happy to be called Nanny I have, for no very clear reason, a dread of becoming Nan, or even being referred to as"My Nan". My own Grandma became ' Gran Gran' to my daughter.Maybe work on the delivery a bit more then you’re golden.

I did wonder if it may cause some confusion in their little heads but they soon sorted things when they started calling her "Tick-tock Gran" as she has a grandfather clock in her hall which they are fascinated by, and now the rest of her 16 great-grandchildren have adopted the name!

Her own grandparents were known as Nan, Gramps, Grandmum and Grandpa.

I expressed no preference, although I'm not keen on Nan, Nanny or Nana.

I'm "Nanny" and my fellow grandmother to the delicious grandbaby is "Grandma" - we actually both have a version of our first names attached but I best say no more lest I out us!

My dp (stepgrandfather) is "Grandpa His Name" and my former husband is "Grandad". I always thought I'd like to be Grandmamma but that sort of pretentious nonsense was laughed out of me early on!

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