Hook up with an older women

Just turn your age settings up and see what comes up.

FYI, my opening line was 'there is no way you're 41'. Also, her tubes are tied so no reason for a condom.

Though I'd rather not have to pay, I've gotten accustomed to using free apps for this. Just change your age to 35 on the app so that you will pop up when they search their own age range...doesn't sound like there are many cougars in your area, but you may perk an older woman's interest this way.

Despite being legal, that was too young for me, so I politely finished our conversation and moved on.

If so, is there a better way/app/site to find and hook up with older women who are looking for younger guys?If you see the over 30 lady at the college bar, that's an open invitation.I've had success with two women 10 years older than me and have gotten a few more to the point of talking about meeting up for sex only to have them flake. I'm sure there are a lot more older women on actual dating sites, but at the same time, they're probably on there because they're on a mission to settle down asap.Then the mother asks if I'd like to take a stroll around the hotel resort with a bottle of tequila.Long story short I went down on her in the resort lobby at 3 am.

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