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To properly plan this expensive IODP expedition, additional site characterization gained from sediment sampling and seismic data is required.

This proposal requests funds for the Principal Investigator to participate on an already planned site survey cruise aboard the Mexican Research Vessel (RV) El Puma.

Recognition that magmatism is not confined to the spreading axis, but instead is distributed throughout Guaymas Basin, suggests that models for the natural sequestration of carbon, the formation of oceanic crust, and life in the subsurface in marginal rift basins should be reconsidered as this has implications for the long-term removal of atmospheric carbon dioxide (and hence potential climatic implications).

The Principal Investigator of this RAPID proposal is a lead proponent on an International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) proposal to study this system in depth through scientific ocean drilling.

Sediment cores were obtained by Piston coring (using commercial PVC core liners) onboard R/V El Puma.

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The state is home to one of the fastest growing aerospace industry clusters in the Mexican Republic, and is the source of 0 million export dollars in annual revenue since 2010.

A piston corer is capable of extracting core samples up to 90 feet in length.

An AMS measures "long-lived radionuclides that occur naturally in our environment.

In Guaymas, private industry, government and the public schools are busy partnering to prepare students with the skills required to be able to benefit from future investment in the sector in the form of skilled and good paying jobs.

Students in the area have the opportunity participate in courses in Applied Mathematics, Metrology and basic CNC machining skills.

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