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This treaty, the Bond of 1844, also required the chiefs to submit serious crimes such as murder and robberies to British jurisdiction.This laid the legal foundation for subsequent colonization of the coastal area. He is International Law Librarian and Adjunct Associate Professor of Law at Fordham Law School, where he teaches International Investment Law, Multinational Corporations Law and International and Foreign Legal Research.The British gained possession of all Dutch coastal forts by the last quarter of the nineteenth century and became the dominant European power on the Gold Coast by 1872. The law and legal system in Ghana is heavily marked by its history. On January 7, 1993, the Fourth Republic was inaugurated, complete with a new Constitution.Where the President refuses to assent to a bill, he/she shall, within fourteen days of such refusal, state in a memorandum to the Speaker his/her reasons for that position and any recommendations for amendments, where applicable.

It is at this stage that amendments may be entertained.After the parliamentary steps have been exhausted, the bill is presented to the President for his/her assent or otherwise.The President has seven days after the presentation to inform the Speaker of Parliament that he/she assents or refuses to assent to the bill.The British involvement in the Gold Coast was initially through their merchants and traders.It was not until 1844 that Captain Hill, as Governor, signed a treaty with the coastal Fanti chiefs to keep the trade routes open and to protect them from Ashanti incursion.

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