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Most shows have books collectors need for reference.A wide variety of accessories and related items are usually available.Take another dose of CAVEAT EMPTOR before getting one of these.On the other hand, a collection of Afghan or "Khyber Pass" copies of guns made elsewhere would be an interesting specialty, even if a lousy investment.This should be of interest to folks with the opportunity to buy guns being sold in the bazaars there.Most of the "antique" guns we have seen brought back by our troops are actually recently made copies.

Contact us if you have any of these items for sale. Pretty good advice..."Hello Marc, The new addition to my family arrived safely yesterday, and to just say that I am pleased would be an understatement.Naughty Over Fifty USA marrieds, wicked widows and dirty divorced who are looking for senior casual sex fun!Browse the explicit photos, check out the videos and read the profiles of hundreds of maute casual sex dating members in your area.Marc, as silly as it sounds, when I unwrapped it and saw how beautiful it was, I danced a little jig around the room (yeah, I know I got a serious problem, but it's fun!!! When it comes to rifles, I'm definitely a "wood" man, and this one is as nice as any in my collection.In fact, everything about it is as good or better than your description (you don't happen to have another lying around do you? Anyway, I apologize for the rambling, but sending you a "got the rifle, it's OK" would not express my appreciation.

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