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Founded in Oklahoma in 1933, Frankoma Pottery is known for its ceramic dinnerware and sculptures, including mugs, vases, and figurines.The company's wares are highly prized by collectors, with some objects selling for up to 0.This mineral rich clay significantly changed the appearance of many of the glazes, especially the rutile ones (Prairie Green, Woodland Moss, Peach Glow, Desert Gold, Brown Satin).Further, during the 1980's, the clay was infused with additives which affected the color.Frankoma did not produce its first Democratic Party mugs until 1975.They were designed by Frank's daughter, Joniece Frank, who took over the company in 1973.

Tree branches and other trash built up, which had to be cleared before more clay was extracted.

This changed it from red to a light pink or a light orange.

Many people use the "wet finger method" to determine whether a piece is made of Ada Clay or Sapulpa Clay.

Many pieces have the mold number on the base, but older pieces and many newer small pieces have no mold number.

Clicking on the mold number will take you to the first entry of a given piece in the Frankoma catalog.

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