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He'd gladly go through another round of excruciating agony to keep that thing sealed up given all the trouble that it had caused him. But I'll show him.""Sounds like somebody I know." Ranma blanched.

No, the sealing and associated pain weren't the problems now. "Always thought girls wanted everybody to date him.""Exactly! Chicks didn't exactly follow the upperclassman willingly.

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She appeared to be attempting to hold a cheery conversation with the bastard, who contrary to Naruto's misgivings, seemed to be participating in a less than engaging manner. Maybe not to a martial artist of his caliber, but every aspect of his body language screamed 'watch out!

What he wore now wasn't quite the Chinese silks of old, but close.

He was finding all sorts of cultural crossovers in this place, and was thus able to approximate the appearance; even if the blue double breast quasi Chinese tunic and black silk pants weren't quite the same.

' The bastard was the first to notice them as they crossed the field, shortly followed by the cute one as she noticed her questions were no longer receiving non-committal grunts in response. " Naruto twisted around to find a redhead closer to his height standing behind him, causing his face to scrunch up as he studied the figure.

Both sets of eyes flickered briefly on Naruto, then to his person, where they lingered curiously. After a moment, the concentration flowed away into a curious look.

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