Explain the difference between relative dating and radiometric dating

Relative dating is used to determine the relative ages of geologic strata, artifacts, historical events, etc.It is the difference between sand running out of an hour glass and determining what time it is by how much sand is left. If you can determine how much of that radioactive isotope ought to have been in a sample at the start and you can measure how much is left, you can tell how much time has passed.A radioactive isotope is an isotope whose nucleus tends to release particles, radiant energy, or both; Radioactive dating is a technique for determining the age of material by measuring the amount of a particular radioactive isotope the material contain.

Short Answer: The term relative dating is distinguished from absolute dating to make it clear that one does not get a specific estimate of the age of an object from relative dating…

Radioactive dating refers to the process of measuring the age of an object using the amount of a given radioactive material it contains.

Relative dating, meanwhile, measures the order of past events, without determining their absolute age. Radioactive dating is taking an element from a sample with a known rate of decay and invert the equation to find the time(date) from which it started to decay.

Relative dating and radiometric dating are used to determine age of fossils and geologic features, but with different methods.

Relative dating uses observation of location within rock layers, while radiometric dating uses data from the decay of radioactive substances within an object.

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