Executive dating in israel

Hodaya backs off once more, just a few days before the ceremony, leaving him heartbroken.

Yifat meets Nati, a childhood friend who is now a successful doctor, and he introduces the two women to his roommate, Amir, a recently divorced teacher.Hodaya, trying to lead a secular lifestyle, works in a pub and meets Assaf, another formerly religious man, with whom she loses her virginity.She breaks with him after discovering that he began practicing again. Roi has turned ultra-orthodox and has an arranged marriage.Hodaya, who is becoming less pious, meets Avri, a secular archaeologist, and they date.Amir must deal with the stigma of being divorced, which hampers his chances to enter a new relationship; when he encounters his divorcée, Na'ama, their mutual loneliness leads them to have sex. Reut wants to cantillate the haftara, and she convinces the initially reluctant Yochai to teach her.

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