Exchange 2016 offline address book not updating cached mode

When a user is connected, Outlook continuously updates users' mailboxes so that the mailboxes are kept up to date.If a user disconnects from the network, for example, by moving to an area without Wi-Fi access, the user can continue to access the last available email data.

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You identify the domain controller by its fully qualified domain name (FQDN). The Force switch specifies whether to suppress warning or confirmation messages.Although this topic lists all parameters for the cmdlet, you may not have access to some parameters if they're not included in the permissions assigned to you.To find the permissions required to run any cmdlet or parameter in your organization, see Find the permissions required to run any Exchange cmdlet ( Exchange Mode gives users a seamless online and offline Outlook experience by caching the user's mailbox and the Offline Address Book (OAB) locally.With Cached Exchange Mode, which is the default setting for users, Outlook no longer depends on continuous network connectivity for access to user information.

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