Ethan ruan and joe chen dating

In those years we have done a Prince Princess knight's dream, fantasy is a princess, both the prince's love, and the knight's guardian.

In the play, Ethan Ruan plays the violin Prince Jin Yuanfang has become the most lets the human heart man two, one step by step delivers Sophie to Prince William.

But in reality, Esther Lau is not in love with Leon Jay Williams, but Ethan Ruan.

Later they love the exposure, Taiwan media reported Ethan Ruan fell in love with 17 year old Esther Lau, and it is reported that Ethan Ruan took Esther Lau's virginity.

[K-actor]CHA TAE HYUN His bride is his high school friend, whom he says is his first love.

[kactress]KIM HEE SUN's couple haha obviously these are the real couples bc they actually get married!!

Talking about this, Ethan Ruan will answer: "I asked her, she said I could be."Joe Chen clarified: "I wrote this article is to shoot the" hit "for several months of the matter. like the elderly, will bring troubles to him, like a small day good sisters." All right is bestie. As for the book and Joe Chen has ambiguous past male star, the chief sister think is Wallace Huo ah.

Unfortunately, imagination is beautiful, long time really don't mean feeling.

Do you remember those days when they were chasing the Taiwan idol drama?

What "green forest" "kiss" practical joke "Heaven's wedding gown" "I love you" decreed by fate "the Frog Prince" and so on......"Destined to love you" after the broadcast, the ratings are odd high.

Her father is forced to flee the country and she finds herself without a father, home, or even a boyfriend.

Soon after she finds herself destitute, she reads in the tabloids that Huang Bo Cheng and her best friend Zhen Zhen have been secretly seeing each other.

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