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Currently, the scores predict only with lots of error, but they are improving with each new iteration as scientists train them on ever larger samples of humans.

Well, now that a computer app can take the raw data of our Cs and Gs and Ts and As and spit out a single number—the polygenic score—that predicts (with error, of course) someone’s height or risk for cognitive decline, would you like to know whether the person who just proposed to you is a walking genetic time bomb?

The art of mating has undergone many technologically induced changes from the liberation that young lovers found with the invention of the automobile to the swipe-right ease of matching on Tinder.

But another technology is afoot that few people know about but that will upend the way we match and reproduce in years to come: the polygenic score.

Even if you landed a man or woman with advanced degrees, would it give you pause if you learned that he or she was genetically likely to develop early dementia and, worse, pass that risk onto your offspring?

In research I have performed with colleagues, we find that we tend to match on observable traits like education and body-mass index, as we have to a degree for time eternal.

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