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May be she did those to give a hint to the directors that are not looking at her in such a way.

With Kajal openly stating that she can go to any extent to play a character, we could now hope that someone will show the excessive glamour side of this ravishing beauty.

We list a collection of the best and popular mobile themes made for Kajal Agarwal.

As we all know, Kajal is a sensational actress who now holds the throne of queen of South Indian actresses.

Here's how: Calculations based on one standard deviation of 120 years: 1000 120 = 1120 BC (Oldest date) 1000 - 120 = 880 BC (Most recent date) To increase the range of possible dates of a sample, archeologists may calculate the radiocarbon date to two standard deviations.

Archeologists use a statistical standard deviation to increase the range of dates for a sample that has been given a C14 date.

Radiocarbon dates are usually calculated to one standard deviation.

At the same time, low interest rates increased the availability of capital.

A combination of rapidly increasing stock prices in the quaternary sector of the economy and confidence that the companies would turn future profits created an environment in which many investors were willing to overlook traditional metrics, such as the price–earnings ratio, and base confidence on technological advancements, leading to a stock market bubble.

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