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• Go to the library Library • Boost her up • Focus on D (NOTE: If you decide to keep looking, be sure to tell her the truth if you don’t want to lose LP) o Catch her ( 1LP) o Kiss her ▪ Cup her boob ( 1 boob point) Full Walkthrough – Chapter 2 Download the latest version of “DMD CH:2”: https:// ▪ Grab her ass ( 1 ass point) Squash • Hit the ball • Sorry, I was contemplating your beauty ( 1LP) • Mini Game #1: o Stay in the back o Serve the ball slowly o Return the ball • Bribe the employee o Strip Squash • Strip Squash Mini Game: o Stay in the back o Serve the ball fast o Go to the middle o Extra scene for Tier: ▪ Go to the front ▪ Serve the ball fast F’s Bathroom • Wash her boobs or Wash her pussy Asian Restaurant • Talk about the food o Call the waiter ▪ Complain ( 2LP) • Fancy Places • Play with the food ( 2FP) ( 1LP) Spa Area: • Condom: Just like in Ch.1, if you keep it you might use later in the game to have sex with other characters.• Talk about the Spa • Talk about Elena • Kiss her o Continue Kissing her o Grab her boobs ▪ Take her bra off • Play with her nipples ( 1LP) • Extra scene with Elena if you are on her route • Talk about the future • Take Pictures of the girls o Yes o Dual Heart Shape ▪ Is that a heart?• Dance o Kiss her o Grab her boobs ( 1 boob points) or Grab her ass ( 1 ass points) • Let’s chat o Elena o Working for Cassandra o Drive-In Theater • Ignore him ( 5LP) Drive-In Theater (Evening) • Offer her some driving lessons • Elena • Working for Cassandra • Talk about the bar • Kiss her ( 1LP) • Touch her boobs ( 1 boob points) or Touch her pussy o If you play with her nipples, you’ll get ( 1EXH) Dad’s Hotel (Evening) • Give her the note ( 5LP) • Kiss her • Go in (Small pissing scene with Daughter) or Wait for her • Compliment her feet (Footjob 3) • Faster • Reassure her ( 5LP) • Handjob or Boobjob or Footjob (READ DESCRIPTION AT THE BEGINNING OF DAY 17 TO GET THE FOOTJOB OPTION) • Play with her pussy • Finger her o Faster o Stop • Kiss her pussy • Lick her clit • Faster Dad’s Hotel (Morning) • Get up • Lick it • Lick it • Suck it • Do it • Keep doing it • Do it faster • Open your eyes • Open your eyes Corruption Level 9 Unlocked • Tell her • Grab her hand Shower • Cup her breast ( 1LP) • Wash her ass • Play with her pussy ( 1LP) • Grab her Dad’s Hotel (Morning) • Kiss her belly ( 2FP) ( 1LP) • Make her cum School • Give her a kiss On the train (with Daughter) • Keep kissing her • Touch her breast • Lock the door • Don’t do it • Swallowing: Yes On the train (with Elena) • Knock on the door • Lock the door • Fuck her from behind or Reverse cowgirl o Penetrate her o Blowjob or Continue (It will lead to creampie) Restaurant • Talk about school • Talk about leaving • Talk about the festival • Wipe it off Hotel Room (Evening) • Question 1: If you choose “Truth” you will gain ( 2FP).If you choose “Dare” you won’t gain any points, however you will unlock an extra scene later in the game.There are two stats (at the moment) in the game: Friendship and Love. The corruption level is at the top right corner of the screen.You can see them at the top right corner of the screen. (Pink goes to black in 18 steps) You can choose your name as well as your daughter’s name. Day 1 Apartment • Get up • Go talk to Jennifer Café • Hug her Dad Returns to The Apartment (Georgina Route) • Kiss her o Grab her boobs • Kitchen • Bathroom o IMPORTANT: If you decide to peek, she will ask you if you need to pee too. If you are into this, choose yes, if not, choose NO of course  • Bedroom • Let her jerk you off o Cum • Kiss her/Touch her boobs/Touch her pussy • Put it in • Fuck her o Faster • Cum inside/Pull out Apartment (Evening) • Answer the phone • Open the door • Kiss her or Hug her • Go bring some wine • Kiss on the mouth • Interrupt him • Lay on the bed • Let her continue: Start a romantic relationship with Jennifer • Reject Her: You reject a romantic relationship with Jennifer Apartment (Evening) (If you didn’t Reject Jennifer) • Take her shirt off • Remove her arm • Lick or Bite her nipple • Kiss her stomach • Remove her panties • Continue: If you continue, Dad will lick J’s pussy and masturbate her • Let Jennifer Take over: She will lick and suck Dad’s dick • Deflower her or Take her ass o Penetrate her o Thrust forward • Cum on her face or cum in her mouth Apartment (Morning) • Get up and have a shower • Go back to the bedroom • Wake her up • Go to the office Office (Noon) This scene will change depending on the decisions you made in Chapter 1: • Daughter Path: If Georgina didn’t masturbate early on Day 7 and you rejected her, she will send an audio recording of Maria and Martin having sex.There are 3 specific choices that you need to make, I’ve highlighted them in the walkthrough below.

• Kiss her Museum (Afternoon) • Actually, she’s my girlfriend ( 2LP) • Look at the paintings • Encourage her ( 2LP) • Get closer • Take a picture • Take a picture • Ask her what happened ( 1EXH) o Don’t agree ( 3EXH) ▪ Kiss her ▪ Grab her butt ( 1 ass points) Park (Afternoon) • Talk about school • Talk about the wine o Yes ( 2LP) • Take a picture o Yes o Take a picture of her feet (Footjob 1) o Warn her ( 2LP) • Kiss her o Massage her boobs • Size 5 • Catch up to her • Get on top of her • Kiss her feet (Footjob 2) Bathroom • Kiss her neck • Rub her pussy o Keep rubbing her pussy • Yes o Faster o Make him cum • Local bar or Drive-In Theater (There’s more points on offer and better scenes if you choose the Local Bar) Local Bar (Evening) • Have a drink o Whiskey ( 3LP) o One more glass ( 1LP) This option also unlocks a small extra scene when you “Dance” with her.• Question 2: If you choose “Truth” you will gain ( 1FP).If you choose “Dare” you will gain ( 2EXH) ( 1SHR) • Question 3: If you choose “Truth” you will gain ( 2FP).Every time you make a choice, you’ll win or lose a point (sometimes more than one) depending on the decision you make. There will be secondary characters like your ex-wife, your daughter’s best friend, your coworkers, etc. Fetishes : Incest F/D, Anal, Groping, Lesbian, Corruption, Mini games, Voyeur, MM/F, M/FF, Bestiality, Most fetishes are optional so if you’re not into some of them, you can choose to disable them. The most fun is to play the game yourself without the walkthrough. Keep it steady and cool, take your time to learn and love your daughter. Dad will use this recording to bribe Maria into giving you a huge severance payout – Martin won’t know about the recording – you will be able to do more activities (and with special scenes) with D in Chapter 2 on this path if these options are chosen (This will be the BEST OPTION for players on the Daughter path, as it will lead to more “special” scenes with D) • Daughter Path: If Georgina masturbated early on Day 7 and you rejected her, she doesn’t have the audio recording, then she obviously can’t send it to you.For example, if you choose to stare at your daughter’s ass and she catches you, you’ll lose 1 friendship point. On each day, you’ll have a date with your daughter. Dad will see Martin as Maria is out of the office – Dad will resign – Martin says he’ll take care of Maria – You will get a small severance package, but it will stop you from doing certain activities (and viewing special scenes) with D in Chapter 2 due to lack of funds.

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