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If you mate with someone who has different DNA to yours, it means that your offspring will have a combination of the two.Should there be some change in the environment, your offspring are more likely to have something in their genes that will allow them to survive.Now, based on past ratios of successful versus unsuccessful dating attempts, I would have expected the majority of my matches to be in the 70 – 85% range, perhaps with a few scattered in the middle and then maybe one around the 95% mark. I had 13 matches in the 75 – 79% range, 26 matches from 80 – 89% and 41 matches from 90 –100%. Which you'd think would make me feel pretty great—look how compatible I am! But actually, the high proportion of perfect scores makes me wonder if being a match for someone is the norm and it's more unusual to find someone with DNA who is incompatible.But automatically, I feel that DNA Romance is less satisfying than something like, say, Tinder because you don't get that sparkly little self-esteem boost every time someone chooses to match with you. Anyway, after a quick scroll through these matches, it was apparent that DNA Romance has been more of a hit in the northern hemisphere.However, our ability to smell each other is often confounded by the deodorants, perfumes and colognes we wear.

Some dating services have tried to play off this theory in the past.

This is an ingrained, evolutionary sense that can help them avoid inbreeding.

And it's this evolutionary biology that DNA Romance bases its matchmaking services on.

Conversely, mating with your fam can have some pretty detrimental effects. We have family photos and Facebook and to tell us who we should avoid incesting, but if you're a mouse, how are you supposed to tell if this hunk sniffing your junk is a stranger or your brother?

Some research suggests that animals have evolved an ability to distinguish between relations and strangers by smelling differences in the chemicals they make.

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