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It's hard, the cynic in me wants to be angry at him.

But the logical side of me says that he's innocent til proven guilty.

Also, I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt.

On the downside, it said new friends when he initiated contact with me, too.

I know he remembers a good bit of it though because we joked about it a lot the next day but never brought up again the part in question in my mind now.

I just figure I should probably just keep mine deactivated because that's my decision to not date tons of people and make things more confusing and if I want it again it's still there, just not visible at the moment. I was just talking to him and he did say he's had an awesome few days with me and that I should get used to it so I guess I'll just see how it goes and what happens.

Either way I think I'm going to be a decent person, not reactivate mine, not mention it to him, go about our plans for Thursday and next weekend and see how it goes, feel it out, then check back and see if it's still active and decide from there.

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I have become absolutely sick to my stomach with all the stigmas associated with mental illness today and disgusted with how the media chooses to sometimes portray them. I feel like depression has become romanticized to the point that people think it’s beautiful to be broken and genuinely believe that some wonderful person will appear out of nowhere, fall in love with them and all their flaws, and make everything just peachy.

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