Deception in young adult dating

In a 2018 paper, my colleague Jeff Hancock and I wondered: How often do people who use dating apps lie? Our studies are some of the first to address these questions, but others have also examined deception in online dating.

Past research focused largely on the dating profile.

According to a study by the National Health Statistic Reports in March 2012, the average age at first marriage for women is about 25.8, while the average age at first marriage for men is slightly higher at 28.3.Young adults, those in their early to late twenties, often have unrealistic expectations of life.This is not a negative statement but rather a result of moving from one living environment—being at home with the parents—to the rather unique lifestyle of college or university and then into the “real” world.Young adults from dysfunctional, addictive, or abusive families typically also have low self-esteem and may, despite wonderful talents and abilities, feel they are not worthy of a “good” relationship.They may, without realizing it, choose a partner who is very similar to an abusive parent and end up in a relationship that is hostile, dangerous, and abusive.

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