Death note dating sim walkthrough

Check the hanging sandpaper to whittle the key down, and use the green key on the lock. With all four tools collected, use the Tools to remove the painting from the wall. You can also buy the Easy Ticket from the Prize Exchange for 10 tokens to make the games easier. Go to the Long Stairs and check the vending machine. Naturally, you'll get a game over if you run out of time. Examine the key in your inventory to notice the green showing at the end. Talk to the Frightened Girl and choose "Gently calm her down." Once you've spoken with everyone else, talk to the Frightened Girl again. " from the Central Hall) and take the Lighter and Dart. After giving the Dummy Bullets to Keiji for inspection, try to leave the Blue Room. The way to guarantee victory is to place the bullets around the circle in a repeating pattern: Dummy, dummy, live, dummy, dummy, live, dummy, dummy, live. Once you encounter the first live bullet, you now know where you are in the pattern (namely, that the next two bullets will be dummies, then another live, etc.) and can start using the dummy bullets on the humans. Pour in the contents of the Bottle, and take the Nail Puller that floats up. (The "flip over" option is unnecessary.) The end result should be the left gun facing right, and the right gun facing left, which triggers a scene. Place the doll in front of one mirror, then check the other mirror and stand in front of it. You're free to choose whoever you want, as it doesn't matter who gets Clear Chips - it always works out in the end. Card 2: If 3 energy at this point, 33/33/33 between Charge, Special, and Block. If 1 or 2 energy at this point, 33/33/33 between Charge, Beam, and Block. Card 3: If 3 energy at this point, 33/33/33 between Charge, Special, and Block. (Normal) Easy Ticket: Increases energy gained from spirits. Nankidai has requested people to refrain from sharing anything about the demo's content online. effective only when controlling Sara, or effective with either character). A short demo for the upcoming Chapter 3, Part One was released at Comiket 96. Most partner bonuses are for when you're controlling that partner, so I only note when this is not the case (i.e. " Use VS to contrast Keiji's new statement with Q-taro's. Use the dart-loaded Revolver on the dartboard in the Game Room to win the Left Leg. Wipe its tears with the Torn Paper to get the Flathead Screwdriver. So when you repel them is irrelevant to when they reappear.) Return to the Central Hall. Switch the weight on the left scales, then go to the red "Sp" room to get the Bath Stopper from the drained bath. You get 1 Clear Chip from every attraction except Memory Dance, which gets you 2. You lose 10 for taking wrong discussion actions and regain 20 for correct ones.

After unlocking the Medical Office and looking at Joe in the glass there (you're eventually forced to do so on Day 2, Noon), Safalin offers you use of a machine that resets the Hallucination Level to 0.

In the Bar, move the rightmost stool and open the sliding door on the side of the counter. Keep talking to Mishima in the Bar to give him the Cigar, Cigar Cutter, and Lighter. Choose Threat and pick "coolly." Choose Inquire and ask about the kidnappers and why he was hiding. Choose Threat and pick "coolly." Choose Pacify and speak calmly. Take the left Light Bulb from the ceiling and place it in the ceiling hole on the right. Go to the Central Hall, then go to 2F Back Hallway and check the center door. Most of the purchases don't have a lasting impact on anything.

Gin (since a necessary Q-taro trade and a necessary Gin trade overlap). The correct statements to object to are "everybody knows it," "saw it alone," "no good to suspect," "no difference," and "no relation." Talk to Gin. Talk to Keiji, and contrast Keiji and Sou's statements.

If you have trouble memorizing the moves, I suggest making short-form notes of what they are as they happen (i.e. Remember, there's no time pressure to execute the dance. Keiji: Every other turn, reveals the opponent's first 2 cards. (Hard) Gin: While Sara is up, restores 1 health every 3 turns. (Normal) Card 1: If at 0 energy, 50/50 between Charge and Block. Thus, you'll never take damage if you pick Block as your third card. If they're out of energy by Card 3, you know you're safe from attack on Card 3.

Card 1: Player at 0 energy, opponent at 1 energy: 66/33 between Beam and Charge. Player at 1 energy: 75/25 between Charge and Block. Repeatedly touch the heart until the minigame ends.

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