David archuleta dating jennette mccurdy

After chants and the killer intro to TMH, David appeared, larger than life!

The entire concert was greatness, there is nothing like hearing him LIVE!!

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J – watching Anna sing along to ALTNOY, very sweet. When David closed with Angels, I had one of those full circle moments.Lots of you weighed in on how David’s blog made you think about your own use of social media – some of you said you were inspired to follow David’s lead and reduce or even eliminate your own use of social media, while others cited business needs, staying in touch with family and friends and truly enjoying online entertainment and activities like You Tube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that will keep you plugged in and taking full advantage of 4G technology.Using the magic of social media that makes FOD possible, please take our quick poll and share your thoughts!I also have 2 tickets to Reno – since they’re not sold out I’ll offer them without fees for . She is a huge, sincere fan and supporter of David Archuleta, and they had a great time together on the set of i Carly. She has a rich, lovely tone, a sweet vibrato, and an amazing range. She has been sharing her demos with me over the past few months and it’s been driving me crazy not to tell the world how she good she is. This is a place where staffers from many different Archuleta fansites can come together and promote each other. Rebekah’s Story This was the third time I’ve seen David in concert, but first for his solo tour. I was even more thrilled to be sharing the experience with my 9yr old daughter. [audio:https://fansofdavid.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/01-so-close.mp3] Richard Parkinson, founder of FOD, has been working hard to establish a fansite portal–a control center of sorts–for David Archuleta fans. What seemed like one second later, my first concert was over.

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