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However, I do resent the fact that Ki-tae always is one step behind.

You can see his feelings for Jang-mi developing, but he absolutely can’t express them.

So I binge-watched 8 episodes of Marriage, Not Dating last night.

It was thoroughly addicting although I have a few gripes about it.

Jang-mi was shrill, clingy, and needy, basically everything I hate about weak female leads.

As I continued to watch, I started learning more about her motivations for wanting to get married though, and I connected with the character a lot more.

Dramawise, Ki-tae has a dysfuntional relationship with of his family, particularly with his master manipulator/super robot mom who sole obsession to maintain outward appearances.

He’s confident in his job but obsessive about maintaining his single lifestyle in his immaculate and carefully decorated safe haven of an apartment.

For God’s sake, Ki-tae, you found Jang-mi first in the dark and you choose to berate her instead of comforting her. male lead Han Yeo-reum has to swoop in there for you? He better step up his game soon or else, I’m getting off this ship and pulling out all my hair! In the first episode, I truly wanted to strangle her.Dogs are not only man's best friends, they are also a source of powerful lessons for our character and our relationships. You can be like a cheetah — speedy — and skillfully pick up women with your charm and wit.Or you can be like a lion — powerful — and get women by attracting them with your vast wealth or social position.Her use of Myers Briggs typology is perceptive and user-friendly. I went to a wedding this past weekend and my date was an ex-girlfriend of mine... She has things to work on from a crummy past relationship. She's already my best friend, as am I hers..I want to build it even stronger.And, clearly, she's paid careful attention to people and situations she has observed. Now, I'm happy to say, I got my second chance...6 years later. I will start visiting [her] more and she's going to visit me more and just enjoy every second of this.

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