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As the Homecoming dance is approaching, Mary Jane cannot think of anyone to go with and thinks about not going at all.

Her best friend Liz suggests their friend Harry as Mary Jane's date and thus - despite Mary Jane's reservation against dating a friend and her crush on Spider-Man - the two start going out.

For example, Mary Jane lives with her parents, not with her Aunt as she did in the original continuity, and she has a crush on Spider-Man (although she develops stronger feelings for Peter Parker).

Furthermore, the focus on Mary Jane rather than Peter means that classic Spider-Man characters such as Aunt May, J.

She also wants to break up with Harry, because he is only a friend to her, but just as she is about to dump him, she realizes what a nice guy he is and how much she likes him.

Later, after accidentally taking home Flash's notebook and flipping through it, Mary Jane finds out that Flash has a crush on her.

Mary Jane decides to get a job to be able to afford her dress for the Homecoming dance, and because she feels dependent on Harry as he is paying for everything on their dates.

Lonely and timid, he is more interested in his studies than his social life. Despite Peter's reputation as a "nerd", both Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy are attracted to him.

Unaware to his peers, Peter is actually a masked vigilante with spider-like super-powers named "Spider-Man", an alias which he took up to atone for his uncle's murder, something for which he was partially responsible.

A tough transfer student who is considered "bad luck" due to her violent past, Felicia flirts with Flash and challenges Liz to a fight.

There were no signs that Felicia had adopted the "Black Cat" identity or that she even had superpowers.

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