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I’ve learned it’s my job to make introductions with no expectations or judgments.Since no one can predict with certainty who will be right for whom, it follows that no one should ever foreclose or seek to compromise an opportunity for two unique souls to connect.In other cases, I arranged meetings with very little forethought or optimism, and the next thing I knew, I was opening their wedding invitation.

I know none of this is funny but the writing here, by Kristian for Dlisted, the “no one will notice him!

Full Story Dear Duana, We are days away from meeting our second child and despite a very focused effort on choosing a name over the last 8.5 months, nothing is sticking for us.

And we [read “I”] am desperate not to settle on a name. Turns out it was quite a polarizing choice amongst family and friends, but we love the full sound and especially how the V underscores the first sound of his three-syllable Portuguese last name V*****.

Don’t tell her that a friend said something disparaging about her.

That is bound to cause her further hurt and may well deepen the damage to your relationship with your friend.

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