Dating vegaphone banjo

The following adjusted designation by year is, like the prior authoritative list, probably accurate within 1 year.

Dating back to 1906, and still prized today, this all brass tone ring is hand made in the Deering factory.

(Aug-Sep 1922) - Vega Company also filed all trademarks of "VEGA" / "TU-BA-PHONE" / "WHYTE LAYDIE" - [ US Trademarks 164,845 / 161,709 / 161,708 respectively filed in Apr 1922 and Registered Nov 07 1922 ] Registrations Numbers: 161328 / 161329 / 161330 ( The first use claims are a little generous I think, but do support other known facts re: 1889, 1890, etc...

- This time frame provides some possible insight to the advanced notice David L Day provided to Carl Nelson that he was leaving Vega for the Bacon Banjo Co. His exit is thought to have propelled Carl Nelson to Trademark everything.

But, when Vega took over -- they continued the serial series COMPLETELY consecutively -- with no gaps from year to The Fairbanks serial number sequence was also continued, when they re-branded the banjos "Vega" around 1920. the original Fairbanks serial number series continued into the Vegas of the 1960s (above #100,xxx).

In the early-'60s a printer's error on the serial labels dropped a digit -- and screwed-up the consecutiveness of the numbers.

This is a useful endeavor, because in my experience even the factory records can sometimes be misleading.

I've found numerous errors in other lists of this type.

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I'm sure there are some reciepts out there, and it would be wonderful to know just how accurate/inaccurate some of the existing information is.

Can anyone on BHO share any "bills of sale" / "customer receipts" of Vega Banjos from the 1909-1940 era? I'll update my finding and key information directly below this line, it'll represent the earliest instrument types that I've found.

If anyone has updates, please post and I'll update here:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________1880-1890: 1000/yr Earliest Banjos1890: Faibanks Electric #41late 1890: Fairbanks Electric Curtis #8261891: Imperial Electric #12121891: Columbian #17921892: Senator #19161894: Special #122131895: Regent #142951896: Metal Name Plate ~14900This dating scheme seems very logical given the Serial-Earliest Banjos/..html​Whyte Laydie: (Intro 1901): (This instrument is thought to be a prototype Vegaphone from Early 1923, since B.

" An example being my banjo has a serial number of 42272 which indicates a 1921 production date and I am wondering if that same number will tell me to which model it was assigned and if so where might I find this information?

Thank you for your time, jack Fairbanks and Vega banjo numbers are consecutive, and have no DIRECT relationship to the model, or production date.

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