Dating the jjang from sang fanfic

He is a student of the Fashion Department at Jae Won High School and a skilled boxer.

Once enjoyed the bullying of the weak, Zack has since changed due to the influence of Mira who he is in love with and is now on good terms with both sides of Daniel Park.

It's not true - there's no reason for me to see him and I don't even know his contact information." Dispatch released a statement that they didn't publish an exclusive report and that it was photoshopped.

Zack Lee (Lee Jin Sung) was once a minor antagonist in Lookism but is now a supporting character.

It has never been said, in this regard, that you may have money problems and buy top-notch clothing (just as it is important to impress Mi Jin).

Jin Sung had known Mi Jin since childhood, and yet he had liked her.

Jin Sung has become somewhat diplomatic, as he will try to reason with people preferring to avoid conflict.

Even when in school, Jin Sung maintains a standard being a student in the Fashion Department, but he's not to be compared to Hong Jae Yeol in terms of these standards.

The only time Jin Sung ever pays serious attention to his dressing is when it's to outshine his peers, mainly Hyung Suk, or if it's to impress Mi Jin.

In 2013, Kim Nam Gil and Jang Nara briefly had dating rumors after Kim Nam Gil gifted Jang Nara with a food truck after she won the excellence award during the 2013 KBS Drama Awards.

At the time, Jang Nara refuted the rumors by explaining that they're close colleagues.

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