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Try to hold on and enjoy the ride as much as possible. A lot of my non-medic friends get frustrated at my lack of committing to activities etc. I see it from their point of view, but if you can understand that there'll basically be a lot of planning involved in when you can see each other, then you should be fine.

If you guys are good and have proper communication you will be fine. Be supportive of each other and both have to make an effort to consciously work towards bettering the relationship. I'm in a pre-matriculation program right now, and I moved ~2 hours away from my partner to come to school.

So of course the possibility of medical school is being discussed. It's tough either way with ups and downs just like any other relationship. You should be able to schedule in times for dates/trips/movies etc.

A simple google search tells me relationships in medical school are tough and take a lot of dedication/compromise/patience/etc. However, none of what I've found has told me really what it's like. He'll still be able to be spontaneous at times though.

This might lead to you feeling like he is unsupportive or emotionally unavailable or pulling away or whatever and it can be problematic at times. It take two people who really care for each other and are committed to making it work.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to just approach it as a roller coaster you are on together. You may go a good while without seeing him, just understand that he's probably not avoiding you, just bogged down with work.

I'm in a long distance relationship too (except my girl is way more than 5.5 hours away by drive). (or girl) :) Im so happy for you shit The hardest thing is when there's a relationship crisis within 3 days of an exam. His schedule will change with each new block he takes.

I will list just a few but please realize it depends heavily on who you two are as people.

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Prior to med school, had you been living together and he/she didn't want to move with you if the med school you went/go to wasn't close to where you were already living? My girlfriend understands what it's like to be in school Sometimes, our hangouts are going to the cafe and studying together and that's OK.I know people who went out every weekend and I know people who went out once or twice a semester. I have seen study groups be problematic for jealous relationships if someone is in a study group with someone of the opposite sex, or develops a close professional relationship with someone of the opposite sex (or same sex for gay couples). You are going to have things that happen to you or upset you in your life that he just might not have enough time to deal with at that particular moment.There are times when you might need support and all he can offer is some brief loving/encouraging words, but he has exams in two days and is still 9 lectures behind and is stressing himself that he might not pass and he has just passed 125K in debt, and and and.......If you are or have dated someone while in medical school, What I'm asking for is how is your relationship? Best of luck,-wtffng There are a few different aspects to consider that I have seen crop up. We've been making do with Skype but I have no idea what it will be like when school starts. It would be like: Sorry, can't stay on the phone with you all night because I have to memorize every possible drug interaction and mechanism by Monday, but you're more than welcome to come and watch me read.mneek23, When schools starts, he will be consumed by the academic rigor until he gets his footing. Sometimes he'll have hours/evenings/weekends where he'll be completely free, sometimes he'll be able to talk on the phone for only 30 minutes. If you've had a bad day and need 20 minutes to vent, tell him.

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