Dating sites for people in ministry what to know about dating a jewish guy

At the same time, you can't assume everyone who shows up is a believer or has good motives.

Some people will show up solely to find a "good woman or guy," even if they're not necessarily one themselves.

Dating does not include listings for all dating sites.

Over the years, I've helped launch a couple of singles ministries and have been in the leadership of a couple of more.

The type of people you attract is dependent on the message you deliver.

Decide what you want your group's primary focus to be.

Establishing a mission statement beforehand helps you make wise decisions and stay focused.2) Cultivate and protect your leadership. One of the main reasons is that the leadership has to get their needs met from the same group they're ministering to.

Choose leaders according to biblical principles: leaders with good character, who fear God, are mature, and truly look at the time spent on the group as a ministry and an honor.

Once you have them, keep them in the Word and protect them from getting over-extended. Some groups even have a policy of limiting the number of years anyone can be in leadership to avoid burnout.3) Watch for "sharks." One or two people can affect the entire fabric of the group—either positively or negatively.

I've seen one godly person turn a whole group from a little social gathering that's Christian in name only to a group that's on fire for the Lord.

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