Dating service for down syndrome adults

Natalia Hawe, who serves on the board of directors of the Foothill Autism Alliance, anticipates challenges when her 13-year-old daughter, Sophia, starts dating.Sophia is nonverbal and needs a high level of support.Still, in his case, hearing loss makes certain social interactions more challenging.Engaging in conversation in loud restaurants and clubs, for example, can be difficult.Dating Challenges Dating challenges vary by age and disability.When Finneman, who has been married for three years, reflects on his dating days, he finds it difficult to separate any awkwardness created by his disability from the general pitfalls any teen or young adult would face.

Laugeson works with clients who have autism spectrum disorder and other disorders that cause social difficulties.She founded and directs the PEERS Clinic at UCLA, where young adults who struggle socially because of developmental disabilities learn to create friendships and romantic relationships.The techniques Laugeson teaches are evidence-based and don’t rely on the elusive art of conversation – a struggle for most PEERS participants.He started by creating a profile that didn’t really disclose that he uses a wheelchair.If someone expressed interest in going out on a date, then he would bring it up and say, “If you’re open to it, great.

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