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(question mark) can register certain information about YOU and use that for their benefit. This is exactloy what I did in a similar situation. If the password was for example A1B7C8D6 change it to [email protected]#6l1i Q notice the i, l and 1 look very close and are not likely copied rightly by spyworks.If you're unsure about the validity of a link, when you copy and paste in your browser, make sure to delete anything after the part, such as question marks, codes, etc. It was a simple change for example instead of First. Having upper, lower case with numbers and sopecial characters makes it very difficlult to guess.Of course, over the years I've acquired throw-away and social accounts of less concern.Not a bad idea to read a link that Leo has provided on this page, titled "How Do I Know This Web Address Is Safe?Later today, I had another email from ***** congratulating me on becoming a member with my email address and password highlighted.My question is: In your opinion, would they/could they have opened an account using my email address, even though I didn't open the email in my Outlook?Or are they hoping that I will enter the site using those details (if only to delete the account) and that in some way, will verify the details and put me in more trouble?Any observations are appreciated, if you have time. Copying the link out of your email program, closing your email program, and then pasting the link into your browser didn't do anything to increase your security.

Notenboom has been playing with computers since he was required to take a programming class in 1976.

When the website came up, I realized it was a con and closed the browser down.

There was a message saying that a friend of mine (his name was included in the message) wanted to share photos with me. I right-clicked and copied the URL, closed down my Outlook, and opened my browser and pasted the URL into the address bar.

Thanks again for providing some very useful advice.

Great adavise to this main reason I use Mail Washer,lets me delete,bounce from server so not to ever reach my in box. This article is more helpful than any tech article I've read in years.

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