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You may complete the questionnaire that was enclosed with your summons, listing your current address, answering the question regarding residency in Clayton County, sign and date the questionnaire and mail it back to our office.If you do not have your questionnaire, you may download an affidavit and complete the portion for a Non-Resident of Clayton County.You may download an affidavit and complete the portion for Over 70 Years of Age.If you have vacation plans, business obligations, a doctor's appointment or some other type of conflict during the same week you are to report for jury duty, you may request a one-time deferment.Sign and date the affidavit and have your signature notarized.The original form will need to be sent to our office.While our office understands that jury duty may be an inconvenience to you, we are obligated to abide by the law.We try to accommodate requests for deferment from jurors while, at the same time, accommodate the judges' need for a sufficient number of jurors.

If you have primary, active care and custody of a child six years or age or younger, you may complete the portion of the affidavit which pertains to Primary Caregiver for Child.

The right to a trial by jury had its origin in England and has been preserved by the institutions of our State and Country.

Jury service is a privilege and responsibility which you should accept with pride.

Our office will comply with the doctor's medical opinion and either permanently defer you or grant you a temporary deferment.

If you are 70 years of age or older and do not wish to serve, you may request to be permanently deferred.

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