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Shakespeare refers to it in Henry VIII, Act 5, Scene 3, where Cranmer declines to be sponsor for the infant Elizabeth because of his lack of money.King Henry banters him with "Come, come, my lord, you'ld spare your spoons." The spoon shown opposite is typical of single spoons not part of a set.Rim widths steadily shrank back to where they had been, though some very narrow rims were produced.Around 1700, the single reeded rim emerged and the plain rim also re-appeared, though without the gentler bouge of the earlier version.The boundaries between the four categories were not clearly defined.

Apostle spoons were particularly popular prior to the Reformation.

The Pewter Society published a detailed study of post-1650 English porringers in Autumn 2015 and Spring 2016.

Part 1 gives some background and covers makers, manufacturers, uses and sizes.

They symbolize the Last Supper of Christ in the company of the Apostles.

Apostle spoons were especially popular in England, but were also found in large numbers in Germany.

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