Dating old chinese coins single and divorced dating

The reign title is the name that appears on their coins.Some emperors used one reign title for their entire reign.If they’re dated with Arabic numerals, the Christian date is generally used, so the date doesn’t need to be deciphered.In most cases, however, Japanese coins use the nengo dating system, which I will describe and explain in this short guide.) As a result the coin, though over 1000 years old, is still plentiful and inexpensive.

(Think of doing all your transactions with only pennies!

Examples: Emperor (Mutsuhito) regnal year from R to L = 2 x 10 6. Emperor (Yoshihito) regnal year from R to L = 10 1. After 1948 (reform coinage) regnal numbers are read left to right.

Emperor (Hirohito) regnal year (now L to R) = 5 x 10 6 = 56. Since the 1960s fifty yen and higher denomination coins use western numbers for the regnal year.

It dates from about 400BC to 225BC and was widely used in northeastern China.

It is made of bronze and is about 5 inches (13cm.) long.

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