Dating of paulx27s letters

The purpose of this article is not to address this issue, but there are good exegetical reasons to think that this view is correct.

If so, an earlier date for Galatians is likely, perhaps prior to 50 A. The purpose of Paul’s individual epistles was not to give his readers all the details of his personal life, and so we are left without an abundance of information that can be used to date specific events.

Inscriptions exist which date Gallio’s term as proconsul in this area between July of 51 to July of 52.

By using this archaeological evidence, we can start to use the events of Acts -17, where Paul was taken by the Jews to stand trial by Gallio, as a fixed marker from which they can determine with relative certainty dates for events before and after Paul’s stay in Corinth.

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Since Paul was addressing his credentials and apostolic authority, he may have only seen it fit to describe the visit where he actively participated in the discussions surrounding the salvation of the Gentiles.

Paul only rarely uses “dateable” terms such as “after three years” (Galatians ), and Luke often uses rather generic statements, such as “after some days” (Acts ).

This often makes coming to definitive conclusions regarding dates difficult.

Central to the challenge of dating Paul’s activity is the issue of how to best understand the accounts in Acts of Paul’s visits to Jerusalem as compared to the account in Galatians.

There is debate as to whether the visit described in Galatians 2:1 is connected to the so-called ‘famine-relief’ visit of Acts 11 or the apostolic-council visit of Acts 15.

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