Dating midlife relationship

I would like to think, though, that I will have spent my sunset years having the time of my life.

I am not writing to be told what an awful husband I am, or that I should go back to my wife (not that she would have me).

I would be curious, were we to talk, about how you decided none of this can happen with your wife. I suppose if you’re “that guy” who leaves his wife, she is “that wife” who gets left.

You make scant mention of the state of the marriage when the new relationship began. Women experience middle-age anxiety as well, albeit in different ways.

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Even though my wife and I have always had a good sex life, I caught myself thinking more and more about what I didn’t have, and I became desperate to prove to myself that I wasn’t simply fading away into oblivion.As with most things human, there is much more to “it” than meets the eye.We might also note there is an unfortunate tendency to marginalize or minimize the benefits of old age, along with the inevitable difficulties and anxieties.Carl Jung said middle age may be the ideal time to begin psychotherapy because mortality tends to grab our attention and focus us on what’s existentially or spiritually important.Now, one could write volumes about what this eroticized “it” is and why a desire to feel desirable skyrockets.

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