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Other great Koreatown restaurants include Soot Bull Jeep, Pot At The Line Hotel, Buil Samgye Tang, Chosun Galbee, Chunju Han-il Kwan, Korea bar food king Dan Sung Sa, Dong Il Jang, Genwa Korean BBQ, Gwang Yang BBQ and Ham Ji Park.

More are found between Western Avenue and Vermont Avenue. Los Angeles, CA 90010 (213) 388-1400 The Wiltern Theatre doesn’t have much Koreatown influence. But, regardless, it’s one of the best venues to see a concert in all of Los Angeles with its classic and historic Art-Deco landmark design. Albert Lansburgh, The Wiltern was built in 1931 and is considered among the finest examples of Art Deco architecture.

This Koreatown hot spot also offers an American-Korean fusion menu, including delicious small and large plates, and great dessert, with favorites being the Tempura Fries, Chosun Burger and Kimchi Pancakes. Los Angeles, CA 90057 (213) 487-2700 many different treatments such as massages, body scrubs and skincare services, with the most authentic Korean spa experience different from a western spa, Wi Spa is a 48,000 square feet multi floor family spa located just on the outskirts of Koreatown.

It’s one of the best in town, and with a small charge for regular admission, it’s a great bargain for what you get!

best of l.a., Best of Los Angeles, Biergarten, Dongguk, Eat. Play, Jarone Ashkenazi, Korean Food, Korean Town, Koreatown, Line Hotel, Pot At The Line Hotel, Soot Bull Jeep, Soowon Galbi, Soowon Galbi Restaurant, Wi Spa, Wiltern Theatre Encompassing roughly three square miles south of Hollywood and just west of Downtown Los Angeles, Koreatown is a thriving and diverse neighborhood.

For both new immigrants and established residents alike, community enclaves have long been important spaces.

Throughout the 1970s, LA’s Korean population boomed, solidifying the foundation of the city’s now-massive Koreatown.

Lakewood’s Koreatown is perhaps unique in that its formation was largely spearheaded by a group of women in response to a specific set of community needs and desires. A former high school English teacher raised in Daegu during the Korean War, Warnick married a third-generation Tacoma native, whom she met in college in South Korea (he was teaching; she was a student), and moved back with him to the U. In 1972, as LA’s Koreatown was booming, a small group of Korean women in the Lakewood area started a social club called the Korean Women’s Association, meeting monthly to share food, sing songs, and provide the fellowship and inclusion they were missing after moving to the States.

From having a drink to shopping to going to a spa, there are a plethora of options for those curious to explore, here are 10 of the best. Los Angeles, CA 90010 (213) 368-3030 the boutique and ultra-cool and newer Line Hotel is its watering hole, the Pot Lobby Bar.

The supper club which doubles as a hip cocktail spot opens at 5pm and is a great place in Koreatown to sit at their wide hexagonal bar, or on of the circular booths and enjoy drinks and good conversation. At Aroma Spa & Sports, this health center offers personalized massage and spa treatments, a comprehensive fitness center and a pool.

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