Dating korean american guy

I think that asian guys can be quite dense and superficial, and clueless about attraction outside of superficial attraction.A white girl wants a guy to be interested in her life and lifestyle.The easiest way to meet white girls and date white girls is to meet them at a white church.

My current girlfriend is white and previous exes where white,asian and hispanic. Too many Asian Americans are too shy, too fat, too socially awkward, and too influenced by anime or some idiotic show where that expect women to just fall for them. For a few of my previous hookups, they said I was their first asian.

Fortunately for me NYC has many Europeans and Russians so my dating pool isn't as adversely affected as it probably would be had I been living somewhere else, but I definitely get where you're coming from in the sense that if you're a part of a minority group, you have to be fairly attractive/confident to date outside of your race consistently, or be very heavily involved in your own community to get any action.

That said, I've definitely noticed an uptick in the number of Asian guy/white woman pairings in the last 5 years or so.

This really thins out my dating options and puts me in a limbo.

Any other minorities out there having similar problems? Unless you're very attractive, or unless you're very engrossed in the Korean community, it's VERY difficult.

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