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The scriptures clearly state that God doesn’t make an exception of persons... I'm just wondering if you could share some insights on how and when Joseph Smith received His endownment.I know endownments didn't start until Navoo but how did he receive his being the first in the dispensation doing it.

Things such as Joseph Smith being sealed to women who were already married or Joseph Smith having a free black woman sealed to him as a slave?I've realized that some people won't listen to missionaries or life-long members but will listen to me because they knew I had to make the conscious decision to accept the gospel.I've also realized that s Moreome people will no longer connect with me but will connect with family members who have not accepted the gospel, even though often times we teach identical points of doctrine about our Savior.Is it possible that part of God's plan during the Restoration includes certain faithful children NOT accepting the gospel until a later time, to be put in a position to testify to others who would otherwise not listen?Elder Ballard once taught that the time is long passed for a gospel question to be brushed aside with a simple "pray about it" or "just have more faith" response.

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