Dating guestbooks

This alternative wedding guest book idea can be described as (fill in the blank).

Creating a customized Mad Libs sheet can be a fun way for guests to sign in and it’s guaranteed for some good laughs when the couple reads them afterwards.

Use an old typewriter for your guests to type out a personalized message upon arrival.

Much like Frank Sinatra music or a Great Gatsby themed cocktail party, the classic ideas rarely go out of style.

Each is written on different colored sheets of paper based on the cost of the date.

Keeping date ideas fresh and fun will contribute to keeping the spark alive, even after the honeymoon.

The wine inside the box was intended to be opened on your one-year wedding anniversary.

A quality wooden wine box will last for many years and can later be used as a place to hold photos, jewelry and other special items.

Include a tag on each bottle that specifies which anniversary it is being saved for.So when one of the bottles is opened, it’ll serve as a special moment to reflect on your journey together.Any couple planning a vintage themed wedding will love this throwback idea.Cherish your personalized quilt during warm nights on the couch, an afternoon picnic or for a fun tailgate.Using your favorite engagement photos, gather them in a creative photo album for guests to sign on your wedding day.

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