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This model, along with the Hot Rod Deville, were originally designated as F. The Hot Rod Deluxe is an all tube combo amp rated at 40 watts.

It utilizes a single 12-inch Celestion A-Type Speaker.

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As an all-tube (pre-amp and power sections) combo guitar amplifier, the Hot Rod Deluxe features a pair of 6L6GC beam tetrodes for the power section and two 12AX7 dual triodes for the preamp section.The power section uses a "fixed bias" biasing scheme with an adjustable bias potentiometer installed from the factory. The physical appearance of the Hot Rod series is based on the mid-to-late '50's "narrow panel" tweed amplifiers with accouterments such as a top mounted, chrome plated chassis and black "chicken head" pointer knobs, but with textured black tolex found on Fender amps from the 1960s onward rather than the tweed covering.Unlike "vintage" Fender tube amplifiers, the Hot Rod Deluxe uses a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) construction rather than Point-to-Point (PTP) construction. The main circuit board contains the majority of the electronic elements and provides the base onto which the potentiometers for the various controls, and the input and output jacks, are mounted.Only way to get the actual manufacture date for these newer amps is to contact Fender support and ask them about that serial number.Old or new the Hot-Rod's do not hold much value very well, and just depreciate.

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