Dating elisha cuthbert

He finally got settled with a team in 2010 when he signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs, whom he still plays with today.At some point in time, he started to become very popular with the ladies and started dating some well-known reality television stars.The toughest professional athletes in the world play professional hockey.Football is a tough sport and if asked, most people would probably have guessed that NFL players are the toughest but it simply is not true.

Before long, the two were married and their relationship lasted until 2013, probably when he met Anna Kasterova who is a younger version of Oksana. At 25 years old, Evander Kane is just getting started with his NHL career and yet has already earned recognition as one of the better Left Wingers in the sport.Melanie Collins is easily one of the hottest sports journalist in the world and Scottie was with her for a good two years between 20.However, even with a beautiful woman by his side, he was not satisfied and he allegedly cheated on Melanie in 2010 with an adult film star named Gina Lynn.So when it comes to dating, these guys never have a problem landing the hottest ladies in the world.From the older retired veterans to the fresh new faces, we have the top 15 hockey players that have the most impressive list of hookups.

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