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Unfortunately, the current oldest manuscript written in Dutch turns out to be some old boring book on Salic Law from the sixth century. The people living in Flanders – the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium – speak Dutch, albeit a variant of Dutch called Flemish. So, in English you call the language Dutch, when it’s actually called Nederlands, and you call their neighbor’s language German, when it’s actually called Deutsch. Sometimes, English speakers even go completely against the tide of all languages involved by calling that group of people in the USAwhen they are actually of German background!

This is reflected in Belgian policy: The official language of Flanders, and one of the three official languages in Belgium, is Dutch. That’s right, Dutch is guilty of ‘stealing’ words from all over the place, especially from French and Hebrew, as well as several other languages.

You may have already arranged a flat/apartment or house rental before you arrive.

Many new expats stay temporarily at a hotel, short stay apartment or with a friend until they can get themselves a place.

If you were a right posh Dutch-speaking person back-in-the-day, you dropped French words into conversation every now and again just to show how posh and upper-class you were. Amongst lots of others, Dutch words of French origin include: au pair (nanny), bouillon (broth), bureau (desk or office), humeur (mood), jus d’orange (orange juice), pantalon (pants), etc.

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There are also IND desks in The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Den Bosch, Eindhoven and Zwolle. Find somewhere to live – you’ll need somewhere to sleep and Amsterdam Central station is probably not the best bet.

However don’t think that this process will always go smoothly!

For some, the Dutch wheel of bureaucracy can sometimes have the annoying habit of going round in circles and you may need to change the order of some tasks. Residency permit – the first step if you wish to live in the country legally is to satisfy the Netherlands entry/visa requirements.

So you’ve decided to make the move over to the Netherlands.

Here is our essential guide for prospective expats on the immediate steps you need to take on arrival so that you can hit the ground running – or in the Dutch case jumping on your bike!

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