Dating buck 119 hunting knife

Buck designed the knife in 1963 as a folding hunting knife with a mid-sized blade that couldn’t fold closed on your fingers.

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Built in the USA with Buck's time-tested 420HC steel and a classic look that has proven itself over the years.

I took it with me last summer to porcupines mountains which is heavy bear country and rough terrain and it did everything I could ask of it.

However when I'm with my girlfriend and have a heavier pack to carry as she doesn't like roughing it as much as I I prefer something little lighter.

In my opinion, however, this old cowboy works best in its original ‘single action’ mode like a Colt SAA.

Here’s why: Unlike newer liner-lock knives, the 110 has a fairly stiff closure spring; it’s the same stiff spring which forces the lock closed and keeps it locked.

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