Dating antique china dolls

Other collectors are drawn to a particular company name or manufacturer, such as Mattel or American Girl.

For many collectors, a particular line of dolls may be appealing, such as a particular fashion doll, or a series of historical dolls representing various cultures or periods in history.

Girls often explore the world of hairstyles and fashion through their dolls, while boys fight mock battles with action figures and superhero figures (which savvy manufacturers are careful not to label as “dolls”).

As with any collection, a doll collection can be a hedge against inflation.It might be the fine bisque china of the doll’s face, the realistic glassine eyes, the wig, the historical clothing or accessories, or simply the winsome expression on the dolls face.A well-made doll is a work of art, and some collectible dolls are one-of-a-kind.Sometimes the origin, ethnicity, or historical significance of the doll are what draws a collector.Traditional Japanese dolls dressed in kimonos, or African dolls swathed in colorful kente cloth, or old-fashioned rag dolls may appeal to people interested in other cultures or particular historical periods.

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