Dating and marriage in tajikistan

All the guests were told that the girl had been married off.Before a meal someone who is very much respected broke flatbreads and prayed for the happiness of the groom and the bride. This ritual was called fotikha ("opening", "beginning") or nonshikanon - "breaking bread" and was considered an official engagement.The landlocked country borders Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. Out of those people, several ethnic groups are represented, including Tajik, Uzbek, Russian, and Kyrgyz.A combination of mountains and valleys make up the terrain. While Tajik is the official language of the country, Russian is also widely used and accepted.Establishing a family is a priority for her and a comitment in life.Tajikistani women spend much of their time in the homes, concentrating on their families.To see the full catalog of beauties’ profiles, undergo the simple registration procedure that will take you a few seconds.

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The Tajikistani bride is a brilliant gem of a woman for a man who is looking for a sensitive and caring wife.

She was treated with tea while the hosts were cooking pilaw.

Soon after that the bride's parents invited their relatives, neighbors, old men, and heads of clans to their home.

Some women baked flatbreads (lochira), old women cut wedding clothes and other women sewed them.

All this was accompanied by songs, prayers and so forth.

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