Dating a druze men

In fact, they loathe the name bestowed upon them by a Christian historian in the 11th century.

He called them Druze after one of the missionaries, Nashtakin Darzi.

But although Darzi later turned his back on his Druze brothers and is considered a traitor, the name has persisted.

One belief held by the Druze concerns the mystery of Caliph El-Hakem bi-amer Allah’s disappearance four years after founding the new religion.

Known in Arabic as Shu’eib, Jethro is highly revered by the Druze as a prophet.However, after the State of Israel was established in 1948, the days between April 24 and April 28 were declared an official Druze holiday.During this period Nebi Shu’eib overflows with visitors, from worshipers to celebrants roasting sheep at barbecues, and shoppers roaming the complex bazaars in search of bargains.Sabalan’s life was saved when he hid in a cave above the wadi – a cave that is the center of the complex today.Here, according to tradition, Sabalan died and was buried.

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