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Of course, the puppie's head is about twice the size of yours. Although you cannot see it yourself, you are still a beautiful woman. Mel, The picture of you and the puppy is really nice. It looks like the holidays are fast approaching and everyone is spending time with family and friends, cooking, baking, and finding pleasure in snow, lights, and warm wishes. Have any of you had trouble getting your pain medication? Has anyone else seen the new stupid kit kat commercials? The music is annoying, is anyone else sensitive to noise more since you have gotten cancer.? Much love ~M~ Dec 12, 2017 PM NO1-2NV wrote: Hello Everyone!

He is my best friend and the love of my life, I would never need another for any reason. How do I process that I most likely won't be the one growing old on the porch that we have talked about, how do I process, someone else sitting in that chair? I had some cauliflower sauce linguine and it was pretty darn good. This lower degree weather makes it impossible for me to go walking outside. But I wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and will be sending all my strength and good thoughts I can. Dec 12, 2017 PM - edited Dec 12, 2017 PM by Micmel NO1~I would look into a palliative care doctor through your infusion center. My palliative care doctor just enrolled me in the medical marijuana program for even more relief. But I will say even my Japanese MO will give me what I ask for. I would seriously research a palliative care doctor. I do hope that the experience wasn't as bad as you feared. Mae, Did I see that you had snow down there in Texas? I must confess that you were right - the relationships by marriages are a bit confusing. As long as you can keep them straight, that is all that matters. Claudia, When will you get the results of today's scans? Tanya, I love that picture you posted of all the smiling faces of the women in your family. I am glad that you were feeling well during the trip. Dec 12, 2017 PM - edited Dec 13, 2017 PM by Micmel 50's~So nice to see your sweet post! I appreciate the sweet thing you said to me about the selfie with the puppers. 45 years of knowing myself as one way and then the shock of what I am now. Nice to see you back Chelle :) The current puzzle has me completely addicted, lol Dec 12, 2017 PM 50sgirl wrote: Hi everyone, I have a lot to catch up on, but I will eventually read all the posts I missed. it truly is such a hard thing to talk about for me. Before we met he was another way, cold distant and rude honestly. He didn't even give many of them the time of Day and was never truly happy in his marriage the first time around. I did love him I thought, but the second I met DH #2, my world changed, I was content and happy and did not ever need anything else In my life again. I went into his office and handed the botched report and asked the receptionist to put a note on it and tell him to compare my bone density to my previous reports and not to the "adult mean", and recommend an appt. Dec 13, 2017 PM Micmel wrote: Tanya~Always remember the patient is always right! I don't think he was thrilled by my going around him. Much love ~M~ Dec 12, 2017 PM illimae wrote: micmel, your grand puppy certainly is getting big. I think I maxed out on about 0 on myself and nothing really for anyone else. I am washing my hands like crazy and I don't really go out too much in this freezing weather! Dec 12, 2017 PM Micmel wrote: Kacy2~Hi there and welcome to our thread! I felt like once he found out that my BC is Stage IV he didn't feel like it was worth it. Maybe he didn't feel that way but his actions made me feel terrible. Bloodwork I get my results from the infusion center, I saw my onc after.

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