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Parents should become familiar with parental control features located on the game console that restricts who has access to a child’s gaming profile and allows parents to decide what games their kids can play, with whom they play and talk, and when they play online games.

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Catfishing can cause further damage to an already fragile sense of self, i.e., persons that already suffer from self-esteem issues can experience additional stress by being deceived.

The person that is “catfished” is usually emotionally invested in the person that they believe they are talking to, leading to an imbalance in an already non-existent relationship.

It can be emotionally devastating for the victim when they find out that the person they think they have fallen in love with does not exist or is not who they say they are.

Catfishing has become a growing phenomenon among internet daters in search of finding love online.

With increasing work demands opportunities to meet and establish relationships can be a difficult balancing act for a lot of singles.

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